A Membership Like No Other

St. Andrew's East represents golf in its purest state, a place where a golfer can play with a prompt pace and enjoy the camaraderie of friends and fellow members in an unpretentious and casual atmosphere.

Full Equity Owner Membership is the cornerstone of St. Andrew's East private golf club. Notably different from the traditional club model, the equity member-owners structure at St. Andrew's allows our members to be key decision makers with an actual stake in the management and success of this private golf club. Many private courses and multi-course corporations will charge a non-refundable and non-transferable initiation fee. They will also charge higher annual dues, food and beverage minimums along with imposed assessments without seeking the approval from their members. At St. Andrew's East, not only does every members' share represent an equal vote in the management of the club, but it is fully transferable at any time. In 28 years of operations, our annual fees have remained one of the lowest in the industry, and there have been no assessments.

Our experienced professional staff would be delighted to show you around the course, and explain all of the exceptional benefits of equity ownership at one of Toronto's premier golf clubs. Contact us for more information.